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About Us

Saan Zahav is an Entrepreneurial and construction company

Saan Zahav is an entrepreneurial company and a veteran construction company that specializes in the construction of office buildings, commercial buildings alongside residential projects in a selection of unique projects. The company is currently ranked among the top private construction and construction companies in Israel.


Entrepreneurship and rich experience

Saan Zahav Ltd. is a long-standing real estate company that has been planning, initiating and executing projects in the field of income-producing real estate and residential real estate for the past 30 years.

A large construction company

The company adheres to quality standards, design and meticulous functional execution and employs the best planners, engineers and professionals in the field.

High-tech partners and companies

The scope of the properties, their geographical distribution, the wide range of tenants and the strategic partnerships, place the company at the forefront of the local real estate market.

Leading in excellence

The company is appearing for the third year in a row in the prestigious ranking of the leading companies in the Israeli economy on behalf of Dun & Bradstreet. This seal is further proof of the company's strength, leadership and excellence.

Employment and trade
In planning and execution
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Partners and customers (the best high-tech and technology companies)


Activity time

4 Hatzoran St., Netanya (entrance 10)
Sunday to Thursday 09:00 - 17:00

phone numbers

Phone 09-8859259
Fax 09-8859263

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Map data © 2021 Map GISrael
Celebrating 30 years of activity

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